For When You Need Encouragement…

An Operation Beautiful note I posted in November of 2016.

Recently, I broke one of my self-care rules.

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Things You Realize as You Get Older and/or Dive Too Deep Into the Comments Sections of the Internet

An #operationbeautiful note I posted. October 2013.


Things you realize as you get older and/or dive too deep into the comments sections of the Internet:

  • If you can’t fix crazy and stupid, then you sure as hell can’t fix bitter and entitled. Just take a deep breath, let it go, show as much kindness as you can muster (or walk away) and only think of these people when you need cautionary tales to tell your kids or other loved ones.

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Everyday (Spa) Comfort

ob note
An #operationbeautiful note I posted last year. February 6, 2015.

In a previous post, I talked about self-care and how it has benefited me since I recently made a point of carving out time for myself on a regular basis.

This time around, I want to go more in depth about one of the ways I go about caring for myself: at-home-spa days.

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Self-Care Sunday: What’s Worked For Me

One of my #operationbeautiful notes from last year. The quote is a  version of a mantra often recited during Loving-Kindness meditation.

Photo Credit: Anita George 

It’s a new year, but that’s not the only reason I’m writing about self-care.

It’d be all too easy to just say that remembering to take care of myself (especially spiritually/emotionally) was just another one of my new year’s resolutions. But that’s only half-true.

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