#SignalBoostSunday: News Literacy Resources

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***This blog post is part of a weekly series titled #SignalBoostSunday.  This series will highlight organizations and social causes that are of importance and provide assistance to the Greater Atlanta area. ***

              Normally, when I write a #SignalBoostSunday post, the organizations featured are organizations  located in the Metro-Atlanta area. For this week’s theme, however, I thought it was a bit more important to highlight organizations that have extensive news literacy resources that are accessible by everyone regardless of location.

              So this week’s installment of #SignalBoostSunday is a bit of a special edition. In light of Thursday’s tragedy at the Capital Gazette —a shooting that resulted in the deaths of five people, four of whom were journalists— I felt it was necessary to feature a few online resources that can help clarify the role of journalism and journalists in a healthy democracy.

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But First, The News: Week 1, For Foodies

Happy Pi Day! A slice of key lime pie with a blueberry coulis and lemon sorbet. August 2014 at 1910 Public House, in Lilburn, Ga.

Happy Pi Day! Happy National Potato Chip Day! Happy new blog post series day!

That’s right. Today’s the start of a new blog post series! I said in a previous post, that one of my goals was to incorporate more news articles into this blog. And so,  starting today that’s what I’m doing. Every week, I’ll be tackling a different topic and giving you at least five news briefs to consider. Each news brief may come in different formats: some may be short articles and others may be links to interesting content with short descriptions.

This week we’re focusing on food news. Enjoy!

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