Winter Playlist, Part 1: December 2020

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I know. I know. I skipped November. But last month was hectic and I needed a break. I needed lots of breaks. This year has been a lot.

But I digress. Look, even though I needed a bit of time off (and still do), I couldn’t leave 2020 without a some sort of goodbye-to-the-year playlist.

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Fall Playlist, Part 2: October 2020

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Although this month’s playlist does have a few true Halloween-ish songs, this is not a Halloween playlist. (You should visit this playlist if you need a true Halloween playlist.)

That said, this is a true autumn playlist: It has creepy songs, football season songs, and slow songs to sip your favorite fall-themed hot beverages to. October is all about shaking off the last remnants of summer and spring and diving deep into a little beneficial destruction. Now’s the time to break down what isn’t working to make room for better and brighter things. Now’s the time to sweep away the past to make space for the new.

So here’s a playlist to help you do just that.

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