Winter Playlist, Part 1: December 2020

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I know. I know. I skipped November. But last month was hectic and I needed a break. I needed lots of breaks. This year has been a lot.

But I digress. Look, even though I needed a bit of time off (and still do), I couldn’t leave 2020 without a some sort of goodbye-to-the-year playlist.

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Winter Playlist, Part 1: December 2019

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Tell me a story.

That’s the theme for December’s playlist. Not every song on this playlist tells a story with a fully fleshed out narrative structure, but enough of them do. We’re right in the middle of the hectic holiday season and instead of just giving you a list of Christmas songs for December, I thought it’d be nice to give you a list of songs to help you slow down a bit to listen to the stories and lessons of others and maybe gift yourself some time for yourself.

Maybe you’ll soak up a few of these stories, or feel compelled to tell a few of your own.

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