Spring Playlist, Part 1: March 2020

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It’s finally spring…but it doesn’t feel like it yet. We’re still slogging through foggy, rainy cold weather around here, but the season of clearer skies and colorful flowers is (hopefully) still up ahead. This month’s playlist kind of reflects that vibe: There are slower, hazy songs to go great with lazy rainy days and I’ve included some more up-tempo and dramatic songs for when you’re ready to throw off the covers and get out there and enjoy your day.

Need a little more motivation to get through the day? Then go check out the playlist for March!

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Winter Playlist, Part 3: February 2020

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It’s my birthday month and the theme is….there is no theme. Really. I just wanted to come up with a fun playlist filled with a bunch of songs I’ve loved over the years. Many of the songs are pop classics from decades past, but you know what? If you can’t be nostalgic on a birthday playlist, when can you be?

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Winter Playlist, Part 2: January 2020

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This playlist is special because it’s not just the first one of 2020. It’s also the first playlist for a whole new decade! That’s huge! So I thought it’d be best if we started off the decade with a bit of a bang: Many of the songs on this playlist are loud, brash, and theatrical.

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Winter Playlist, Part 1: December 2019

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Tell me a story.

That’s the theme for December’s playlist. Not every song on this playlist tells a story with a fully fleshed out narrative structure, but enough of them do. We’re right in the middle of the hectic holiday season and instead of just giving you a list of Christmas songs for December, I thought it’d be nice to give you a list of songs to help you slow down a bit to listen to the stories and lessons of others and maybe gift yourself some time for yourself.

Maybe you’ll soak up a few of these stories, or feel compelled to tell a few of your own.

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