#SignalBoostSunday: Community Service Foodies

variety of fruits
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

*****Author’s Note: The following post was published on June 10, 2018 and has not been updated since its initial publication. As this post was written as part of a bigger, older project that has already ended, I do not intend on updating this post with new information about the organizations featured in it. This means some or all of the information in this or other posts in this series may be outdated by the time you read this post.

If you need the latest information on these organizations, it is your responsibility to conduct that research on your own. These posts can be used as a jumping off point for that research, but it is still your responsibility to look up these organizations on your own to verify whether or not their services still exist or will actually work for your needs.

***This blog post is part of a weekly series titled #SignalBoostSunday.  This series will highlight organizations and social causes that are of importance and provide assistance to the Greater Atlanta area. ***

In the days after Anthony Bourdain’s death, there were several things about him that struck me about the many remembrances that people shared about him.

In all of the stories shared, there were running themes about his compassion, his willingness to help and stand up for others and his intense passion for food and truly getting to know the people who made that food.

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