Winter Playlist, Part 1: December 2018

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December is both an end and a beginning: While we’ve finally come to the last playlist of 2018, it’s also our very first Winter playlist!

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Fall Playlist, Part 3: November 2018

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We’ve made it to the last fall playlist of 2018!

Sometimes my playlists are a nod to the month’s featured holiday (see October’s spooky Halloween-inspired jams). But sometimes they’re just a reflection of how I’m feeling at this moment. So far, this month I’ve been feeling like I need peppier, bubbly and encouraging music.

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Fall Playlist, Part 2: October 2018

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                It’s time for the October playlist! Finally!

                This month’s playlist is a bit longer than some of the previous ones; but there were so many good spooky, black-magic vibe songs to choose from! Plus, this month’s playlist is the perfect excuse to celebrate one of my all-time favorite t.v. shows: Supernatural!

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