Winter Playlist, Part 3: February 2020

happy birthday card
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It’s my birthday month and the theme is….there is no theme. Really. I just wanted to come up with a fun playlist filled with a bunch of songs I’ve loved over the years. Many of the songs are pop classics from decades past, but you know what? If you can’t be nostalgic on a birthday playlist, when can you be?

But while there isn’t really a theme in this month’s playlist, you might notice that a couple of artists show up more than once. And that’s not a coincidence: Shakira and J.Lo both had stellar performances during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show and reignited my love for their catchy songs in the process. So now this month’s playlist is also a sort of appreciation post for both of them.

A few notes about the selected songs for February:

                Mood: Bday Retrospective, Lip Sync For Your Life: Super Bowl Edition, Shantay Everybody Stays, It’s My Playlist and I’ll Be Dramatic If I Want To, Time Warp Turnt, Dances With Heels, She Brings It To You Every Ball, Now Serving: Big Hair, Face, and Thigh-High Boots

                Included Artists: Beyoncé, Janelle Monáe, Cardi B,  Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Leikeli47, Spiderbait, Ariana Grande, Shakira, Nija, Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Carl Carlton, Chaka Khan, Kim Petras, Pitbull, El Cata, Alejandro Sanz

                Genres: R&B, Pop, Rap, Hip-hop, Soul, Latin Pop/Rock, EDM, Alternative Rock, Funk, Reggaeton

As always, I’ve made the playlist public, so go ahead and follow it, if you’d like.

Here’s the playlist for February. Enjoy!

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