Winter Playlist, Part 2: January 2020

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This playlist is special because it’s not just the first one of 2020. It’s also the first playlist for a whole new decade! That’s huge! So I thought it’d be best if we started off the decade with a bit of a bang: Many of the songs on this playlist are loud, brash, and theatrical.

There are a few quieter songs but most of the songs on this playlist are all about how I think we ought to announce ourselves at the start of this decade: Leaving the past behind, sashaying our way into 2020, and reminding ourselves of what we’re working towards.

So what are you all working towards this year? I hope this playlist helps you remember what you want for yourselves.

A few notes about the selected songs for January:

                Mood: Walk With a Vengeance, Dolby Surround Sound Drama, Sashay Into This Decade, Self-Love Sonnets, Vision Board Mixtape, I Want Everything, Let’s Get Down to Business to Defeat the Bullshit, Freakum Dress Strut, Shoot Your Shot

                Included Artists: Beyoncé,  Lin-Manuel Miranda,  Janelle Monáe, Cardi B, Billy Porter, Tina Turner, Lizzo, George Michael, Des’ree, Ciara, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, CHIKA, Donny Osmond, David Bowie, Whitney Houston

                Genres: R&B, Pop, Rap, Hip-hop, Musical/Film Scores, Broadway, Soul

As always, I’ve made the playlist public, so go ahead and follow it, if you’d like.

Here’s the playlist for January. Enjoy!

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