#SignalBoostSunday: Local Nonprofits for Women and Girls

adult aged baby care
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*****Author’s Note: The following post was published on September 30, 2018 and has not been updated since its initial publication. As this post was written as part of a bigger, older project that has already ended, I do not intend on updating this post with new information about the organizations featured in it. This means some or all of the information in this or other posts in this series may be outdated by the time you read this post.

If you need the latest information on these organizations, it is your responsibility to conduct that research on your own. These posts can be used as a jumping off point for that research, but it is still your responsibility to look up these organizations on your own to verify whether or not their services still exist or will actually work for your needs.

***This blog post is part of a weekly series titled #SignalBoostSunday.  This series will highlight organizations and social causes that are of importance and provide assistance to the Greater Atlanta area. ***

                This week on #SignalBoostSunday, we’ll be focusing on two local nonprofits that serve women and girls in the Greater Atlanta area.

                 The first one helps provide mentorship and educational activities to teach and guide local girls. The second organization assists local mothers by providing much needed baby supplies to families in need.

1.)  Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta

                 Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta is an organization that provides mentorship and educational activities to help guide local girls through issues involving their physical health, career goals, mental health and developing social skills.

                 Girls Inc. provides a wide variety of educational programming including: an after-school program, the Girls Inc. Summer University program and the Girls Inc. Outreach program.

                  The after-school program provides homework help, snack time and a scheduled  educational activity called an Identity Program. Identity Programs are themed educational activities that focus on subjects like science, technology, finance and body image.  There is a fee required to attend the after-school program but Girls Inc. does provide need-based scholarships for those who qualify.

                  The Summer University program provides educational programming over the summer. The programming offered during the summer focuses on building career skills and introducing them to different kinds of jobs as they work with local professionals.

                   The Outreach program allows Girls Inc. to mobilize and take their educational programming to “wherever they [the girls] congregate.” Girls Inc. partners with local schools and nonprofits to provide programming at those locations. At this time the Outreach program serves the Greater Atlanta area, and the following counties: Cobb, Fulton and Gwinnett.

2.)  Helping Mamas 

                   Located in Snellville, Georgia, Helping Mamas is a nonprofit that serves local mothers by providing baby supplies to families in need.

                    Helping Mamas collects and distributes supplies for babies that aren’t covered by food stamps or by the Women, Infants, and Children program (WIC). This organization collects the needed baby items and stores them in their warehouse until it is time to distribute the items to the nonprofits they partner with.

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