Summer Playlist, Part 2: July 2018

blue purple and green acoustic guitars
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

               It’s that time again: Here’s this month’s playlist! The playlist is a bit shorter than last month’s, but all of the songs are super fun and dance-y.

               A few notes about the selected songs:

               Mood: Lighthearted, Sassy, Funny, Campy and Diva

               Included Artists: Kelly Clarkson, Big Freedia, Lizzo, Dua Lipa, N.E.R.D. and                   Jidenna, just to name a few.

               Genres: There’s a wide range of genres here, but a few of them are: Pop,                       EDM, Rap and R&B.

               I’ll be adding songs to this playlist throughout the month of July if I find stuff that fits the mood. Feel free to check back on this page for more songs, or if you’re a Spotify user, go ahead and follow the playlist itself: I’ve already made it public. 🙂

So here’s July’s playlist! Enjoy!

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