Summer Playlist, Part 1: June 2018

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           Ever since I restarted my blog recently, I’ve been thinking about experimenting with different methods of expression. And not just with storytelling and journalism.

            I just feel like this website is such a wonderful, never-ending blank canvas and that I’m lucky to have a platform like this and so I just want to try all of the things: infographics, podcasting, narratives, profiles, recipes, breaking news etc.


            That said, one of the methods of expression I’m interested in is curating monthly music playlists. Music can be such a deeply, personal subjective thing and I love the idea of sharing a bit of myself with you guys via a bunch of songs I happen to love at a certain point in time. Like a weird, fun audio selfie. 

              So here we go. Every month, starting with this one, I will post a new public, Spotify playlist on this site via a blog post. Feel free to subscribe to the playlist (and this website) itself!

              Here’s June’s playlist. Enjoy! 🙂

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