In Other Words: Week 1, Food Edition

It’s my first infographic post!

This series is called “In Other Words” and the basic premise is this: Every week, I’ll pick a topic and create an infographic around the definitions of some key terms from that topic/field of study/subject.


I’ve always thought that best way to educate myself (and others) on the issues and subjects that matter most is to start with the lingo.

The words that we use to describe the things we’re passionate about are incredibly important because, ultimately, the correct comprehension of them is vital to our understanding of each other.

And yet, somehow, the misuse of these words runs rampant. And when it comes to touchier subjects like politics and religion, our ability to understand each  other is critical.

So in an effort to enhance our collective understanding, here is the first installment of In Other Words. This week, we’ll be dealing with food. Enjoy!

In Other Words- Food Edition (1)

Sources/Further Reading/Go Get Your Learn on With These Links:





Sous Vide:


I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far! Happy learning!



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