New Year, New Magic and Not-So-New Music


A mural inside Hendershot’s Coffee in Athens, Ga.

I’m not a musician. I might be more than a little tone-deaf. And a consistent sense of rhythm is something that escapes me on a daily basis.

My taste in music is best described as an eclectic mix, often featuring dad-joke-levels of corniness and sugary pop. It’s very Billboard, but there are some random tracks here and there to keep things interesting.

That said, despite all of the above, there is one musical superpower I have. You ready?

It’s curating awesome happy/motivational/feel like a diva playlists.

It’s true. There have been times such a magical playlist has pulled me out of the foulest of moods and back into the giggles. The right song probably can’t fix what ails you but I’ve learned that it can at least provide a welcome respite from “the sads”.

I think of how music can be so healing today because it’s the tail end of the first month of the year. The first month brings so much excitement and so much exhaustion all at once. And if you’re in the middle of working on whatever your goals are for this year and you’re anything like me, you just might need extra motivation/cheering up to keep going.

So here it is. Here’s a sampling of what’s been keeping me cheerful over the years, besides obscene amounts of coffee.

I call it New Year, New Magic. Enjoy!








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