Operation Beautiful Photo Gallery

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***Author’s note: The slideshow will be updated fairly often with new photos as I post new notes. So feel free to check out this post as often as you like to see new photos. 

In a previous post, I talked about participating in a project called Operation Beautiful. In that post, I also mentioned that I would set up a slideshow featuring photos of the notes that I managed to post in public places.

I also said that I’d start this project during the 2011 holiday season, but that didn’t happen.  I ended up starting this project sometime in January 2012.  And I’ll be honest, it was due in large part to forgetfulness and a slight concern that people would think I was weird for posting sticky notes and then taking pictures of them with my phone. But I have since (mostly) gotten over my little fear of looking awkward while I do this. And I have been better lately about remembering to post them.

If you have ideas on places where I could post these happy little notes, please do not hesitate to comment on this post and give me your suggestions. I’d love to hear them and they’re really appreciated. Seriously, I’m always looking for new places to post these things.

If you’re awesome, would like to be a Happiness Ninja in your town or would just like to know more about Operation Beautiful, please don’t hesitate to check this site out: http://operationbeautiful.com/.

Enjoy the slideshow above and have a lovely day!

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