Super Awesome Happiness Ninja Time: Christmas Edition

I was Stumble Upon-ing awhile ago and I came across this website called “Operation Beautiful.”

“Operation Beautiful” is a project in which the goal is to promote positive body images and reduce negative self-talk among ourselves and others. The idea is to post sticky notes with uplifting comments or compliments in various public places in the hopes of reminding those who read the notes that they themselves are beautiful/wonderful/interesting people just as they are.

I’ve decided to participate.  I just feel like we could all use a happy, uplifting thought everyday instead of the negative ones that usually weigh us down.

And it’s Christmas, the only time of year that can be ecstatically wonderful and crushingly stressful all at once. So it’s the perfect time for me to become a  Happiness Ninja: a magical being that seeks to interrupt your mind’s regularly scheduled programming of You’re Lame, and I Hate You to bring you Oh.My.God: Hey Girl, You’re Fabulous starring You, Tina Fey and Ryan Gosling.

And so, starting this week I’ll be posting those happy little sticky notes all over town.

I’ll also be taking pictures of the notes as I post them and will be adding the photos to a slide show that will be created at a later date, once I have enough photos.

In fact, the photo that you see above is of the very first one I’ve written. And I’ve decided to keep that one in my room as a reminder for myself. Because, well, if you want to change that negative self-talk for everyone else, you’ve got to start within yourself.

I hope you’re having a lovely day and please feel free to let me know what you think about “Operation Beautiful”.

3 thoughts on “Super Awesome Happiness Ninja Time: Christmas Edition

  1. I love the sticky note on the clock! That was the exact message I wrote on my Christmas cards this year:

    “Christmas Cards suggestions:
    To your enemy, forgiveness;
    To an opponent, tolerance;
    To a friend, your heart;
    To a customer, service;
    To all, charity;
    To every child, a good example;
    To youself, respect.”
    ~ Oren Arnold!

    I stumbled upon Operation Beautiful about a year ago, and it’s funny the random places I see notes now. I can’t help but wonder if simple things like a website can bring us together; the thought is kind of empowering. What if instead of ranting about our lives on Facebook, what if we each posted an empower or inspiring thought each day? Could you change the word with facebook?

    1. Ha, that’s so cool! Yeah, I originally had the whole quote but I couldn’t fit all of it onto a sticky note and have it still be readable for the photo, so I just picked out a few important lines. I think that’s a great idea: it would be awesome if everyone would use at least one of their daily status updates to share an inspiring thought or positive observation. I think in a lot of ways Facebook has changed the world, some for the better and some for the worse but I think the great thing about social networking sites like Facebook is that it is constantly up for change: In the same minute that it’s a part of something negative sites like Facebook can also be the driving force behind something positive! Thanks for the comment, Farzin!

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